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We have experienced employees that make sure your lawn is cut with Riley Precision, each and every time.  We also have weekly maintenance requirements for our equipment. For example, we have designated employees responsible for making sure our mowing blades are sharpened twice a week, which provides that carpet-like look to your lawn.

Man Mowing Lawn


We have designated team members who specialize in trimming and pruning your trees. They make sure they are properly manicured and maintained throughout the year.  

Styled Garden

lawn care

We have a routine program that makes sure your lawn and plants are getting the proper nutrients and disease preventives annually.


Landscape Design

We do more than maintain the perfect lawn- we have designated landscape designers who make dream lawns a reality. 


Mulching, Sodding,

and rock installation

We want to make sure your property looks spectacular all year round. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by replacing old mulch and sod.  Installing rocks around your lawn also provides that curbside appeal. 


Low Voltage LEd Lighting

Not only should you showcase your beautiful landscaping during the day, but illuminating it at night provides that oasis look, which sets you apart from your neighbors. 

City Night Lights

landscaping installation and removal


We have the best in class team that can quickly transform your property, virtually overnight, whether you want to beautify your new home or replace matured and outdated landscaping. 

Botanical Garden

Annuals and Flower programs

We encourage our clients to section out portions of their lawn to allow seasonal flowers to flourish which provides that wow factor during periods of the year. These plants will complement your year round landscaping.

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