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"At the end of the day,

our commitment is to excellence"





three pillars of Precision

Our company is build around three simple concepts

The very best 



Why Bundle?

Spend less time worrying about your lawn and more time enjoying it.


Streamline your decision-making process by having an all-in-one provider handling all your lawn care needs. 


One Company - One point of contact - Less Hassle


The point is, we do it all, and because we handle all aspects of your lawn, we become the experts on your lawn.  

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Basic - Full Service - Superior

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Our TEAM is committed to excellence and determined to provide unmatched service for all of our clients


We are reliable and available 24/7 to get the job done


One line of communication to handle all of your lawn care needs


Our goal is to make sure every home and property we service has a curbside resort appeal once we are done


We invest in human capital to make sure we are providing the most qualified and professional TEAM

More than a lawncare company

A people company

We provide opportunities and upward mobility for our employees because we believe that by investing in human capital we invest in the quality of care your lawn receives.

What's more, by creating these great jobs, we improve lives and communities across Sarasota.

Our company philosophy and vision is to first invest in Human Capital by hiring determined workers that want to improve their skill sets and to provide opportunities for job advancement. By hiring and retaining the best employees we are able to provide the best service. 

Our Mission is not only to provide unmatched service, but to improve our local labor force by  providing a platform which provides a clear path for future advancement opportunities. 

Whether our employees advance through our company or find a trade they want to pursue, we are here to support them. 


We accomplish this through training and advancement on all aspects of the business: from entry-level duties to management, and along the way we provide incentives such as:​

Training and licensing needed to improve our employees' skill sets

Benefits to help support their families, such as paid time off, childcare and after care incentives, medical coverage, and tuition reimbursements

A performance compensation plan as well as quality control incentives

Matching medical savings plans to support our employees' families medical expenses

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